Believing is a powerful defence against sexual assault



What if we could all have a tangible impact on the health and safety of our community by committing to one simple idea? That one simple idea is this: that when a survivor of sexual assault discloses, we start by believing. That one, simple idea is sweeping across Alberta, in large part due to the support of people like you.

Four years ago, the Association of Alberta Sexual Assault Services (AASAS) conceived of the #IBelieveYou campaign, which has now taken hold in campuses and communities across the province, reaching nearly 50 million people online. Even better, we’re changing attitudes and behaviour.

The number of Albertans who would give a positive, compassionate response to a sexual assault survivor went from 21% to 72%, and the number of people who would use the words “I Believe You” grew from <1% to 21%. This is a tremendous shift in a short period of time.

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